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Now Available for Your Patients and Clients: The Healing Power of Laser Light Combined with the Natural Wellness Properties of CBD

Kannaway Pulse is a groundbreaking new initiative that offers the combined benefits of a proven low-level energy infrared laser technology and Pure CBD Topical oil. When used in conjunction, these two distinct wellness solutions can have synergistic benefits for the skin, joints, muscles, and more.

These lasers are used by Athletic Trainers, Chiropractors, MDs, Physical Therapists, Dermatologists, Estheticians, and Veterinarians across the world.

How does the Smart Laser and Kannaway’s Pure CBD Topical work?

The original patented ML830® laser was the first IIIB Laser cleared by FDA after 12 years of research and 2 double blind studies to market low level laser therapy (“LLLT”) for the non-surgical treatment of pain through adjunctive therapy in patients with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

The new ML830® Smart Laser is the only hands-free cold laser in the world. The patented Smart Laser is a low-level energy infrared laser that operates at a 830 nm wavelength. This wavelength of light uniquely penetrates through the skin, muscle tissue, fat, and body fluid up to 2 inches in the body supporting relief through photobiostimulation. For more information on the science of cold laser technology, click here.

CBD naturally promotes the functional balance by stimulating the body’s encannabinoid system. Pure CBD Topical liquid can be applied directly to the body for focused benefits for joints, skin, and muscles. For more information on the science and research behind CBD, click here.

Early research and expert feedback suggest that cold laser technology used in conjunction with a high-quality high-concentrate topical CBD oil available in the Pure CBD Topical may have noticeable synergistic benefits.

To take the Laser Certification Test, click here.

To learn from the experts, watch ‘Kannaway Pulse Explainedhere.

For more information and pricing on how to add Kannaway Pulse to your practice or business, contact your Kannaway Brand Ambassador.